How to get a certificate

How is the certificate renewed?

HTTPS certifications from certification authority Let’s Encrypt are automatically renewed on both webhosting and servers every 3 months. You do not care.

Certificates from the classic Certification Authority purchased from us will automatically send you an invoice for payment for the next period, and after payment, we will renew a certificate.

You can order the SSL certificate on our site.


The certificates you have provided individually and we´re only maintaing have to be delivered to us.

How is the certificate issued?

The Let’s Encrypt certificate is automatically issued in the background. You do not know about it at all. In the case of the classical certification authorities, we first generate the so-called CSR application – that is to say. Verification is also ongoing – most often via e-mail admin@your-domain.tld. Once the certificate is issued, we also ensure that it is installed. As you can see, you have almost no work here!

How long does it take to issue an EV certificate with a green address bar?

These types of certificates also include verification of the organization. This usually takes several days or weeks.

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