Manage and configure your server

Can I modify my configuration and services on my server?

We will be happy to prepare and configure the server and services as you required. No wish for us is a problem and we take special adjustments as a challenge that we enjoy. We will not only comply with those requirements that could interfere with the security and operation of the server.

You can also use our VPS configurator to see the overview of the parameters and technologies available on the server.


Which operating systems do you install?

If you want to use a great and simple server administration VPS Centre, we always install the latest version of Debian Linux distribution.

We also install the following distributions on the servers: Ubuntu, CentOs, and if you want another, just write us. We also install Debian with ISP config. But our VPS Centre is better. 🙂

How can I track performance on my server?

Two monitoring programs are installed with our VPS Center. Munin a Sysinfo.

VPS Centre > Tools

Each tool monitors the server load, sysinfo is better for monitoring RAM, and Munin is much more detailed.

Also, basic data such as RAM usage and process load can be seen in the Overview section of the VPS Center.

Do I get superuser access to the server? (root)

Yes, you get a ROOT access to the server so you can customize it according to your own or install the extension or framework you need.

In addition to each server, you have a free management of 60 minutes a month from our administrators.

What is your (and our) connectivity?

Each server is connected with 1 Gbps uplink to a switch without aggregation and speed limitation. Subsequently, our traffic in the Supernetwork network is 340 Gbps.

The SuperHosting network has a circular topology, all routes are backed up in N + 1 mode. In the event of a failure of any element or optical path, the operation is automatically redirected to a backup source within 10 seconds. The network is built on Cisco elements.

What are the limitations on transferred data?

Internet connectivity is 1 Gbps with the ability to transfer up to 2 TB of data per month. Dedicated server has unlimited data transmission.

Preinstalled applications (VPS Centre)

  • VPS Centre
  • Webserver Apache, Nginx
  • PHP 5.6 / 7.1
  • Mysql server – MariaDB 10 nebo PostgreSQL9
  • FTP server Proftpd 1.3
  • Emailing using Postfix, Dovecot, Amavis and SpamAssasin
  • Web application – PhPMyAdmin, Adminem, PhPPGadmin, Roundcube, webftp
  • Sysinfo, Munin, Fail2Ban
  • Let´s Encrypt

A complete overview with server parameters.

With root, you can install or reconfigure anything on the server.